Microchannel Coolers

Microchannel coolers offer thermal resistances as low as 20 K∙cm2/kW, allowing cooling at heat fluxes in excess of 1 kW/cm2. Micro Cooling Concepts' coolers are fabricated using a copper alloy, providing strength, ductility, and compatibility with conventional machining, soldering, & brazing methods.

Custom cooler designs are available as well, with various shapes, sizes, coolants, materials, and cooling circuitry available to the customer. Different cooling zones can be designed into the cooler to optimize coolant usage and pumping power. Coolers can even be integrated with secondary cooling circuits or air heat exchangers.

What Is Microchannel Cooling?

Conventional Cooling Passages

  • Passage Hydraulic Diameter > 1 mm
  • Large Hydraulic Diameter Requires Turbulent Flow to Increase Heat Transfer Coefficient, so Passages are in Series (i.e., a Single Passage Long Passage) to Increase Reynolds Number

Microchannel Cooling Passages (D. Tuckerman: Stanford, 1981)

  • 12.5 μm ≤ Duct widths ≤ 250 μm
  • 5X ≤ Duct Aspect Ratios ≤ 25X
  • Narrow Distances Between Duct Walls Provides Large Heat Transfer Coefficients, Even in Laminar Flows
  • Tall Duct Walls Parallel to Incident Heat Flux Act as Fins, Increasing Heat Transfer Area
  • Small Hydraulic Diameter Leads to Laminar Flow Operation Where Heat Transfer Coefficient is Insensitive to Flow Rate,so Passages are in Parallel (i.e., Thousands of Short Passages/cm2) to Reduce Pressure Drop

Welcome to the Micro Cooling Concepts Website

The Largest Domestic Manufacturer of Microchannel Coolers
MC2 offers a broad range of thermal management solutions for the electronics, laser diode, and aerospace industries. These solutions include micro-impingement and microchannel coolers and coldplates, heat spreaders and heatsinks, heat pipes, and compact air/liquid and liquid/liquid heat exchangers. MC2 products can be applied anywhere demanding thermal environments are found - we specialize in cooling components exposed to high temperature and/or high heat flux environments.
MC2 is best known for the world-class cooling performance of our micro-impingement/microchannel cooler line, with passage widths as narrow as 12.5 microns. More than 50,000 coolers have been built and sold to date. These coolers have been tested for over 2000 hours with no degradation of thermal performance. They are tough, and attachment of laser diodes or other components is straightforward. Please see our cooler pages for more detailed information.
Other thermal management products are available as well, including heat exchangers, condensers, evaporators, and recuperators.
Actively Engaged in Federally-Sponsored R&D
MC2 also has a strong R&D component, having served as a prime contractor on projects for NASA, DARPA, and the US Army, Navy, and Air Force. MC2 also Please see our R&D pages for more information.